Asphalt 8 Multiplayer – NOOB vs PRO…What's the DIFFERENCE???

This video serves two purposes:
1) demonstrate moves in Asphalt 8 multiplayer that are considered ‘Pro’ vs ‘Noob’
2) demonstrate that skill is the primary factor in reaching Challenger league, not the car or use of boosters. Story is reversed in Pro/Champion/Elite leagues.

Are you a Pro? Are you a Noob? Answer: Truth is – YOU CAN’T CATEGORIZE PLAYERS***. ‘Pros’ make ‘Noob’ mistakes all the time and ‘Noobs’ don’t solely go by ‘Noob’ moves. The only way you can categorize people as Noobs is…

38 thoughts on “Asphalt 8 Multiplayer – NOOB vs PRO…What's the DIFFERENCE???

  1. 0:59 Now I'm definitely a noob in this case. I just pass through the cars and not knock them down, cuz I don't want to be an asshole, or yeah, just to be safe. Then I get triggered if I wreck and shout a lot. I guess I should change that behavior.

    And I keep my car in stock, no upgrades! So yes, I'm confident to say that I, am a NOOB!

    Anyways,great video! New to this channel, you've got a new sub. =)

  2. Pros know how to change kph to mph… Lol. Sorry had to say it, really good tips for new players. Unfortunately you don't want to see this face in a match. See you soon…

  3. I'm a novice… i knew the drift nitro drift trick… also I know the shortest route…

    the problem is i don't do his wiggle dance to earn nitro ( ο½₯ΰΈ΄Ο‰ο½₯ΰΈ΄)
    guess i'll be trying it for future twerking purposes.

  4. how to become a pro step 1: upgrade your car step: 2 know shortcuts because is very useful to pass Ai driver and be and 1st place step 3: know the Nitro pick ups that are spawning on maps and keep a eye on them because is useful to make your car speed up and take Ai drivers Down step :4 be a vip step: 5 buy a supercar or a hypercar (if it is your choice) step :6 get 1 million credits by doing more races and step :7 you can drift your car by putting on your left hand on your phone and you will perform a drift and it will increase/pick up its nos its very useful for being in 1st hope this helped for new player's

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