Asphalt 8 – How To Win More Races! (Tips and Tricks Episode 1)

Welcome to our Tips and Tricks series for Asphalt 8: Airborne.
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21 thoughts on “Asphalt 8 – How To Win More Races! (Tips and Tricks Episode 1)

  1. How can other knock me out or down while im in nitros boost and i see when im trying to knock somone else out who's using their nitros boost i can't knock them out.. is thist caused by cheaters hackers? thanks. its frustrating not being able to ever win a race in multiplayer ive upgraded my ferrari FXX Evoluzione to max but i don't understand how to make it pro without having to use tokens and i need every token to get the better cars. thanks again. ive only been playing since early march.

  2. Query? Are you aware of cheaters using a program called "cheat engine" which they have put in the link to the video on you tube, what are you doing to crack down on these cheaters, they ruin the whole purpose of having fun in this game beacsue they are selfish greedy punks who just want to advance quickly and get all they want without paying for it. They knock me out before i even get started and i can hear the car crashing before i'm hit this tells me they are hackers?
    personally I can't afford to spend my money on advancing myself quickly and its hard to get decent credits when you end up in 8th place every race, since all i have is a keyboard to drive with the arrow keys don't allow me to accelerate its automatic and only the left right let me steer and gliding or drifting is impossible as well as flat spins they just don't work for keyboard any suggestions?
    i realize this is a two part question 1. how can you catch cheaters, and 2 what can i do to win a race? thanks love this game.
    ps. I use a windows 10 PC icore 5 8 gb ram.

  3. No one says anything about unwieldy C class car handling drifting is nigh on impossible to not hit a wall this is why the motorcycles are good the handling is pretty good

  4. Want to know a secret on how to increase chances winning multiplayer race ???
    All need to do tuning your car is only max nitro to level 5 and if you have any pro
    kit cards to maximum pro level then use them all. This give you a greater chance
    of winning multiplayer racing as you will be competing mostly with noob drivers
    and you have slightly higher performance vehicle than some of the other racers
    but if you find the vehicle handling bit hard then buy 1 level of handling tune and
    see if this helps and try not to tune the top speed or acceleration level as this will
    force you to compete with more higher experience drivers and harder to win race.

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