Apex Legends VS. COD Blackout, More Similar Than You’d Think (PS4)

The new Free To Play Battle Royale from Respawn plays like a Call Of Duty Black Ops THREE Battle Royale!
Thanks, Rob.

33 thoughts on “Apex Legends VS. COD Blackout, More Similar Than You’d Think (PS4)

  1. Apex is made by Respawn Entertainment, who is the original infinity ward team who made Modern Warfare 1 & 2 aka the best CoD. That's why this game feels a bit like CoD, but better.

  2. Pubg still so King(Xbox) but Apex is easily the best optimized, and blackout is the best graphic, while firestorm will most likely take that award next month…. I'm play apex whenever I want something to play for fun. I'll play pubg when I want intense fights and epic feel.

  3. The robot is actually called a Marvin they are titanfall universes ai also bo3 copies titanfall when it comes to that aspect. Apex legends is 10000000000% better in my opinion just delete and sell bo4 it’s outmatched it’s not an opinion it’s a fact

  4. Apex did a smart move, makin it free. Whiteboy 7 prestige, said it best $60 game versus free. Alot of people is starting to get disappointed in Call of Duty franchise. Call of duty franchise is doing to much copying and pasting old maps nurfing characters an guns. Way to much. Call of duty $60 for the game ( no campaign mode), $50 for blackout pass, $60 for playstation network pass an don't forget your internet bill $60-120 (with cable). An yet all the revenue that they collect from us in the community, the game is trash. Disappointed in the Call of Duty franchise.

  5. My view on apex vs blackout
    Loot menu navigation and simplicity =apex
    Weapon/item balance=apex
    Content(in the future)=apex
    Fun and replay ability =apex
    Many more=apex

  6. I like apex better. It seems like your always fighting or looting. Not much down time. Blackouts map is much more spread out. Both games are fun though.

  7. The reason it feels so much like COD is because this company bnb is run by some of the people who created the COD series. I'd say they're doing a much better job than the current dev's of COD right now.

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