Apex Legends vs. Blackout – "Why Everyone Left Blackout For Apex Legends" – R.I.P. #Blackout

After revisiting Blackout, I clear why everyone abandoned this game for Apex Legends…

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Apex Legends vs. Blackout – “Why I Left Blackout For Apex Legends!”… This Game is Trash!!! (R.I.P. Dead Game) – #ApexLegends #Fortnite #Blackout

29 thoughts on “Apex Legends vs. Blackout – "Why Everyone Left Blackout For Apex Legends" – R.I.P. #Blackout

  1. I'm not saying Blackout is good (i played beta and never felt like i was buying that) but your arguments are as shitty as your skills lol.. running outside of buildings without even cheking your surrounding, you deserved to die. And your review sounds more like a fanboy of Apex reviewing Blackout while being an actual hater of Blackout… it's not an actual review, it's more you're trying to convince yourself you did great to play the other game or you're just angry because you wasted your money or something like that.

  2. not hating but there are so many things in this video that are wrong, seriously i'm not triggered n stuff but if your team is so bad play w/ your friends – and you can ping loot. blackout has its moments trust me on that 🙂 :). anyway just throwing stuff out there

  3. They can tell you where loot is btw and people complain at everything they are bad at if you wanna play this game slow play like this guy but you can take it fast pace 🤦‍♂️

  4. Blackout has its issues but why is everyone bringing up the respawns like its always been out lmao and since blackout came before apex do you really expect respown in it lmao i mean it is a battle royale? But I do agree on the ping system lowkey think every battle royale should have it

  5. Paint cans are for paimt jobs for your gun just cuz u suck doesnt mean its failing run run run run u do the same in apex lmao and that was yo fault for not moving when the 4 wheeler came cuz u can hear it coming u just like dem halo like gunz. And weird power shit thats unnecessary in gun fighting but i aint gon lie i played but blackout is Plain and simple move ,shoot ,win. No building,no weird ass powers gadgets and shit thats off star wars😋💯

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