Apex Legends Vs Anthem | Where is all the EA OUTRAGE NOW?

I’m very frustrated and what I say in this video might get me in trouble. But what I want to discuss and get your thoughts on where did all the outrage for EA go after the surprise launch for Apex Legends this week? As it relates to Anthem and how people have been trying to put that game on blast because it serves a wider narrative that we’re standing against EA and their greedy practices, but then a game that plays great comes out and that conversation goes away… A game that even has loot…

48 thoughts on “Apex Legends Vs Anthem | Where is all the EA OUTRAGE NOW?

  1. May I just say, I work in Human Resources, it’s a little different than P.R. However there are fundamentals that are very similar. This P.R. Manager, Jesse Anderson is receiving his orders, for lack of a better term, from the higher ups, he is basically the mouth piece that can do and say only what is authorized to him. This also applies to the developers to a lesser extent. This being said I feel that as a whole, higher ups and all involved have handled this product’s image very poorly. P.R. Must react in an efficient manner. Answering 90% of questions with “I don’t know or I don’t have the answer to that or I’m not authorized to speak on that “ is a conn, a tactic used primarily by higher ups to keep you the consumer in the dark. The question becomes why?They underestimated the zeal and the intelligence of the gaming community, to this I say well done, let your voices be heard, send them the message that you are not stupid and that you will hold them (EA and BioWare) to basic standards of what a product should be especially when in 2017 it was shown to be something completely different. In the E3 demo, the player was able to see the item they picked up, they were able to equip it in mission, they were able to set lee points visible to other players and they were able to invite and have other players ( friends) join their squad mid mission. The striders actually walked and the enemies interacted with them and each other. The water reflected effects, the overall game lighting was breathtaking and that classic scene of Fort Tarsis being introduced with the freelancers hand pulling back that ornate curtain only to reveal a dynamic and bustling market place, bazaar was just amazing . So what happened. Saying that these downgrades were made known to the community as a result of being “transparent “ is a very weak argument.
    So what to do? Don’t buy this game and boycott all EA products , buy this game and be a “fan boy” of a busted product or c, hold them to their word, make them deliver a product that at least resembles something similar to what was shown in the E3 version and send the messages to the corporate higher ups that you won’t shut up and you won’t just accept anything they wish to vomit out with a promise of we will fix it later.

  2. Almost as if one of them is free to play and the other costs 60 dollars. Come on, man, your argument does not work. Especially when you consider the fact that people ARE mad at Apex for the loot boxes.

  3. EA is a company and they need to make money for their share holders. Are they stealing your money? Not really they are just doing what a real company do, profit…

    Before all hate so do I want to say one thing. I dont like EA that much but I still think this hate on cosmetic lootboxes is wrong as Apex isnt a pay to win game… 🙂
    And for anthem I dont know, It just looks like a bad game for me.

  4. One can argue that Apex Legends is free to play so the lootboxes are tolerable. While when you pay a premium price for a game and yet it still has content hidden behind lootboxes there you draw the line.

  5. Just want to point out that this guy made an entire clickbait video 10 min long or was willfully ignorant to avoid googling the basic fact that respawn worked completely alone on this and had nothing to do with EA meddling, unlike anthem and almost any other game. That's the difference.

  6. Here's the shocking truth: most gamers actually want or don't mind lootboxes. Yes, I know most of us exorcism them on the internet, with friends and through memes, but do we truly despise them? Because like you said, you're either for them or against them and pretty much everyone I know says "lootboxes are fine as long as it's just cosmetic" which equates to them all being for lootboxes. They just want a standard. The bottom line is, the truly only thing gamers want is a good game and they'll throw money so hard at it, no matter how scummy the publishers are.

  7. The game is good and the game is free. That’s why people aren’t pissed about loot boxes. How is that hard to grasp?

    Why are you so butt hurt that everyone wasn’t creaming their jeans about Anthem?

  8. What I don't see people mention enough is that it's often the yin of devs' vision vs the yang of publishers' greed. Battlefront II's big problem, imo, was being published AND developed by EA, so from the ground up it was designed with more greed than heart. Publishers need the hearts, imaginations, and skills of good developers, and devs need the financial support and word-of-mouth that good publishers can provide. Unless EA seriously forces them to sacrifice their vision in a huge way (which might & often has driven great devs to leave), it's vital to remember that these aren't just "EA" games, they're BioWare and Respawn Entertainment. Work on Anthem started by BioWare in 2012, right after ME3; and I adore everything BioWare. Titanfall 1 & 2 were awesome. I trust both development teams to at least TRY to push back against anything EA tries to force on them – and us – that would compromise the integrity, vision, and fun of these two games. That said, it IS an industry, and more money means more games can get made. It's up to devs and especially us as gamers to hold publishers in check.

  9. i think the main thing is this is free to play and the gameplay is just so fun. i really enjoy apex, by far my favorite BR game. but i will never buy any loot boxes.

  10. I'm against lootboxes, period. If you're charging real money for something, you ought to be able to get exactly what you want. I'm not against mtx, especially ones that are cosmetic only. They have no bearing on the game and arent required to play. Games, especially live service ones, are expensive to make, maintain, and expand. This cost has to be covered either by charging for DLC, a subscription fee, or raising the base price. Gamers have have balked at all of these. Charging for cosmetics is done as a compromise. As long as gamers expect more for but are reluctant to pay for it. This issue will persist.

  11. EA haters are pretty stupid. They completely forget that the developers can make amazing games. I despise channels like cleanprince because of how biased and one sided his channel is.

  12. A Forbes article is already pointing out the vast majority of the people playing Apex is not giving a single cent, also the author did an experiment of expending 100 dollars in lootboxes, he noticed he received disappointing stuff and Apex simply doesn't have the variety needed to stay afloat, it may have made a large initial boom, but it's becoming more and more obvious it doesn't have the staying power needed to challenge Fortnite.

  13. Loot boxes are predatory and the absolute worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry. I wish and pray they will be outlawed as some other countries have done. I'm all for free to play. If I like the game and it has options of progression or cosmetic items to be purchased outright I spend thousands. LootBoxes I walk away. NO way will I gamble to get a chance to get, in most cases one or two things I want or like.

  14. Many of these EA haters are followers being led by click/viewbaiting youtube reviewers who lives off of negative content, i am unsubscribing from alot of negative only viewbaters, i only want honest content, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but beating a dead horse is not what many of us subscribe for, im pulling for Bioware, im in it for the long haul, they should remove the lootboxes from Apex, once they do that, then ill give it a try

  15. Thing is with anthem you pay $60 for and should expect micro transaction to progress through the game if they make it super difficult. Like items to make fighting foes easier while making game difficult to push you to buy such items. Lootboxes in free games I find out just don’t like to see them in games you pay $60 for.

  16. To be honest the Anthem hate was annoying to being with me as a gamer I hated EA and will stay skeptical, but hopefully they are working on being a good company dedicated to their player like it should be.

  17. You aren't wrong. Anthem is a great game and i can't wait to play it but people are stuck on certain mechanics and certain types of business models but ONLY if it is EA and ONLY if it isn't the best thing since sliced bread. I am happy Apex:Legends came out and others can see this utter garbage, i don't play Apex:Legends but i totally agree that people have a hypocritical view of things and they just want to cry about whatever the internet cries about AT THAT MOMENT. Bioware get stuck with EA's business model even though their game looks amazing and plays pretty good, yes it is buggy but dam it is alot of fun. Meanwhile Respawn gets a fee pass because it is the game of the moment BR and EA get's a complete pass, what a load of garbage. I think there is plenty of room for both games and both types of business model, if you don't like it don't buy it and stop crying, if you do like it, buy it or figure out a way to grow your income to pay for what you want and enjoy the game as it is and what you get and also look forward to what is to come (for free with that initial game purchase). It really is just as simple of that.

  18. I think the reason why people do this is because they love to hate on AE because it is ratings. But Respawn and EA totally took their ability to do that away with Apex. Like I don’t particularly like EA but I think the main reason these big YouTubers complain about EA is because they do not care about loot boxes as much as they do about their own ratings and EA knows that and that is why they released Apex like they did.

  19. A lot of the problem is people don't practice what they preach. Which in my opinion is why big publishers know that they can get away with things. If you are against loot boxes don't buy them. But if a developer makes a good game and is free to play. The should be compensated in some way for making a good game. Just dont screw your customers.

  20. This is what I was talking about with my friends. As soon as I saw Apex on the store I said no thanks. I don't like battle Royal games. So I will not play this game. I don't care if it good or not. I do not like loot boxes. Just one more reason for me not to play apex.

  21. Nope EA is still shitty. That lootbox system need to go and I hope people will realise that. But I guess cosmetics are also not a big deal in FPS battle royale. And being f2p also I guess gives it bonus points while Anthem is a full priced third person looter shooter where cosmetics are kinda important.

  22. You’re right. All Anthem has to do is come out with a way… better product than what they presented with the demo and all the gripe SHOULD stop. Let’s see either way.

  23. I agree with you 100%.  I love Bio ware and Anthem, but I don't agree with  EA MTX practices, but everything you said is spot on.  Everyone hates Anthem because of EA. but everyone loves Apex so EA is ok.

  24. 4:05 "War against EA" get a life honestly. Who the hell cares about cosmetics which doesnt affect gameplay. Battlefront 2 was p2w and people let them know, thats fine and justified. Its a god damn free2play game, how are they supposed to make money? Get rid of the boxes and replace with another system, you will still whine. Is it just about the boxes? I dont get it.
    But you probably dont actually care looking at 8:55, which pretty much makes your whole video anything but genuine since you imply to go for an outrage video for the sake of growing your youtube channel. And btw, if I can listening to someone commentating on 2x speed easily you might work on your speech, but then again, how you gonna get those 10mins otherwise.

  25. I don't get the hate, Apex is completely free and the loot boxes are only cosmetic. game runs great and plays great. I don't understand your argument at all.

  26. This is the "free to play" double standard. Insane loot boxes are ok on a free game… but buying optional items on a full price game is unacceptable. Even if all those items can be earned in game. Even if you know exactly what you're paying for instead of rolling the dice, and even if all additional content is free instead of having to buy a "pass" every season to get the good content. It's kind of hypocritical.

  27. Simple. These Lootboxes doesn't matter in terms of the gameplay. Doesn't matter if you are have that legendary skin, you are still gonna be as strong as one who has normal skin. They have not locked the in-game characters behind the lootboxes, and that's a huge plus. Either you have to earn them or use your real dollars.

  28. Also if you mean by why wasn't their huge doubts weeks before the game came out the game was announced on the same day the release also ofc I had huge doubts before I even played the game since it was under ea

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