Apex Legends Season 2 Map Update (All Changes)

Thanks for watching!! In this video I cover the Apex Legends Season 2 Map Update and every change to the map that was shown in the Apex Trailer! I show off every Season 2 Map Change we know about and compare what we have now to what the map will look like in Season 2. Subscribe for daily Apex Legends Updates, News, Gameplay, Tips and More!! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!


44 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 2 Map Update (All Changes)

  1. I think the tower is a mini repulser that's y there is flyers at runoff I think there will only be on the edges of map by the way love ur vids keep it up great work 👍👍

  2. 3:25 maybe new repulsor ? You know repulsor hit destroyed so wattson is honba build a new one but she needs to find out how to power it and set it working

  3. It would be cool if there was a sort of Karma mechanic meaning that the Flyers and should attack people based on how many Flyers we killed when they were in the map before.

  4. Season 2 update: during a match today, while I was roaming around the tower area near the outer areas of Cascades near the river, I got a notification on the screen that said, “A Nessy Appears.” I freaked out wondering if I was gonna get stepped on lol.

  5. There should be damaged to that rock formation next to water treatment if that dinosuar makes its way in ending up at bridges along with footprints leading back to the ocean.

  6. I want them to make an exclusive sensitivity for sniper rifles or sights, i'd like to have a a slightly higher sensitivity compared to the lower magnification sights

  7. What's the timeframe between the EMP and the playable season 2 map? With the shattered forest being grown over and a bunch of buildings sprouting up there must have been a decent amount of time right?

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