Apex Legends Mobile Coming Soon!

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Apex Legends may not be getting a lot of new content, but a mobile game is currently being developed at EA. It would also appear that the game will likely release on Android and iOS some time this year. Apex Legends Mobile seeks to take some players away from Fortnite, PUBG, and CoD.

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23 thoughts on “Apex Legends Mobile Coming Soon!

  1. This game shouldn’t be like how fornite is set for crossplay. It needs its on mobile version like PUBG mobile because it they can get it right it’s doomed. Not only that more and more people all over are playing PUBG mobile but If they can have a mobile Apex version with smart coms in the game I’m dead playing this everyday till my hands can’t no more 😂😂 f a COD mobile if they get this right. 🙏 please EA!

  2. Cant wait for driftor to come back to this video n retract his comments about feeling sorry for mobile players going up against controllers. Not alot of people think that mobile touchscreen players can actually beast against pc players let alone controllers lmfao

  3. I would like a game like rainbow 6 on mobile… I think it is very possible since the mobile platform is getting COD and Fortnite and PUBG and Apex, so I guess it is very possible

  4. If they for iOS and they give mobile players a exclusive skin for like trying out mobile app like how people get free rewards for being a beta tester

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