Apex Legends – How To Fix Random Crashes on Windows 10

A short tutorial on how to fix Apex Legends from randomly crashing on PC / Windows 10.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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45 thoughts on “Apex Legends – How To Fix Random Crashes on Windows 10

  1. I have an amd fx 6300 processor… My game freezes on the main menu and sometimes inside the game… pls tell me a solution which doesn't involves removing two cores… atleast give me confirmation if this issue will be ever fixed or not… I am getting butthurt a lot…. (Sorry for my english)

  2. You can also try too disable and re enable sound driver, for me at least it unfreezes the freezing..If you have an external sound card try to pull out it's power supply from the wall and reconnect it again…. works for me everytime

  3. MINE ALREADY FIX, VIdeo will not be Posted Because i only did was to Set DEFAULT Setting on VIDEO then Set to Window Border.
    im gonna Stream the game soon in FB page and the record will be posted in my Channel. (NOTE Video of gameplay and not how to fix because i only did was that in mine)

    As of now 8 game 2 champion. i didnt experience sudden close application.

    Using RX560 Video card with intel i5

  4. for me it crashes like 6 times a day so i decided to play roblox RIPPERONI PEPPERONI im sad
    here is my settings:
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    8gb ddr4 RAM
    RX 570 4GB

    i am sure my specs are alright to run game i can play it max settings overall with smooth gameplay i am honestly confused

  5. My whole PC freezes.. Game works smoothly until it gets completely freezed and I gotta restart my pc
    I cleaned whole PC, so overheating seems not to be problem (55c motherboard max temp, 45c cpu, 72c gpu)… As well drivers are updated.
    CPU: FX8320
    GPU: ASUS R9 280 3GB 384bits
    100+ fps

  6. crashed 4 games in a row, took a rage brake played in the evening and crashed 5 more games in a row thaaaaaaaaanksssss EA just give me a dlc so the game wont crash anymore

  7. my potato g4400 rx550 crashes 1/3 of the games, run smooth at all med's
    my friend's ultimate rig i7 1070 crashes 3/4 of the games, lag when entering bangalore's smoke

    i guess it's not about the spec's lol

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