Hackers have begun infesting Apex Legends. It’s up to us to stop…

45 thoughts on “Apex Legends HACKERS ARE HERE!

  1. respawn is doing nothing really, yesterday, faced cheaters 4 matchs in row. i have the videos. 50million+ players and only 700k banned? come fucking on is just 2% of hackers out there. any way i can detect hackers prettty easy, i can not bealive that respawn just can not do so while having all information they would want to have, i just have visuals.

  2. Got my ass handed over several time is the reason I am here. I might stop playing it altogether it’s not worth anyone’s time. Every game gets ruined by a hacker I mean every game.

  3. This is what made me stop playing the game I got down to the final Circle never seen it so small I'm like something's f*** up here so it says there's two squads left as the final circle gets to the size of lifelines drop my guy on my team slipped off the rock into the storm and died in less than 3 seconds IHOP in the circle just barely getting it rip up the dude Kim obviously it says Squad done and then I'm just standing there and this little tiny circle like what the hell is going on next thing I know about 10 seconds later I get shot in the head with a Mozambique instantly killed I just don't see the fun in that like I'm going to play a game that I can literally like sleep and just hold the button down and hit everything. I'm old enough to remember like Game Genie and GameShark and all that that was different when you're on a multiplayer game online cheating just ruins the whole thing when you see the same kill leader with 3000 kills that only play solo yeah okay buddy

  4. No joke I'm the same way I hate battle Royals let me repeat I hate battle Royals but I'm so addicted to this game I can't stop playing it's the only thing I've been playing since the day it came out

  5. I'm new to the game and I encounter cheaters every other round now. Devs should start cracking down harder on the issue because as a new player dying to aimbots over and over again is really fucking boring.

  6. I don’t understand why people cheat. How can you derive pleasure from winning if you know you didn’t earn it? Isn’t the whole point of a competitive shooter to prove your skills?

  7. Why don't the "hacker for justice" people go onto these sites and destroy them? 🙁 would make the game more fun and less witch hunty.

  8. I would like to see or hear about all these high end game streamers sending in videos of there streams for these hackers. maybe even give the streamers like a confidential report system, so ragers don't spam the reports, and cuz they got video of them lol

  9. I've played with hacker who used super sonic speed hack and aimbot, it's the most obvious and most blatant hack to ever be in the game and there are no visible way to report the hacker in the game, I'd have to go to a link, giving atleast somekind of proof and report them and by the time i did that i would probably forgotten their name since hacker used the hardest name to remember to avoid being report. If the hacking problem in Apex are too much to bear in Europe and American server, then you guy need to try out Asia server, it's absolutely cancer over there with chinese hacker all over the place, it's so bad that the only one who got to the top 5 are hacker.

  10. There IS something we can do man.
    We can all petition to our governments to add game cheats into legislation, ie; make it illegal to cheat. Every time i suggest this on Reddit cheaters thumb me down on mass but it's a legit and logical way, they are breaking the game TOS for a start and then on top of that they are harming consumers, cheating should be illegal, gaming is now a legit sport, if some one cheats in the 3 legged race in school they are unlikely to become the 3 legged champion they are on record as cheating scum

  11. I think you should not have blurred their names because First they are cheaters Secondly dude your channel has nearly a million subs and guys like you on youtube could really make a difference in encountering all those cheaters out their btw I want respawn to add an option to report players.

  12. i have like 5 or 6 clips of hackers, one time i saw a bangalore running with her speedboost on all the time and auto aims, he was sprinting around the whole map killing everyone, its very sad and i hope they make a better report system aswell so you dont have to type in their names manually, hackers always go with these sgxgqsdgfqsdtgqsd names –"

  13. as long as you can take this with humor. I start to be very pissed about the fact that there is no fucking working cheat protection. Every village idiot can download an undetectable Hack for free and trolling the game for legal players. i play over 15 years FPS ..from battelfield to CS:go, TF2, PubG..i played even titanfall with the same weapon model. Never ever i saw me so outperformed in every 1 vs 1 shootout. no matter which weapon or shield i pack. Headshot Headshot Headshot and thats it. No time for Q or Health. headshot bamm and thats it. From far away from near. With laser precision bamm Headshot. This is pathetic like this crap that i have to play with two other randoms, when single i would do better.

  14. given how much money these hacks bring in … i wouldnt be surprised if the game devs themselves make the hacks too( like a form of DLC that players are willing to pay more than they pay for any game )

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