Apex Legends Battle Royale Ultra Graphics: What You Need to Know!

In this video, we look at ultra/max graphics and the system requirements to run apex legends which is a free-to-play battle royale with moba elements in a fast pace fashion kind of way. Apex legends is similar to cod blackout and fortnite in a way but is also a mix of halo, destiny and titanfall. In this video, we look at the performance on pc running at the highest settings with a gtx 970.

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29 thoughts on “Apex Legends Battle Royale Ultra Graphics: What You Need to Know!

  1. 1 minute in and I didn't get anything I wanted to know yet… can you stop with your weird bad explanation of what's apex legends? none of us came here for that, and it's not a Moba in any way lmao, fucking compare it to overwatch at most

  2. Can some body pls help. When I start playing apex legends it’s not using my GPU AT ALL. It’s only using my CPU which is a Core i5. When I play fortnite I 100000% know it’s using my GPU because it gets REALLY hot and it’s gets super loud. For apex there’s no heat, no loudness or anything like that. And it lags. Which it shouldn’t at all. PLS HELP!

  3. wow you turn the vram down and thats it this is just hilarious you could easily just turn down the anisotropic 16x to 2x and you could easily get above 60fps and hardly see a difference alot of the settings here dont have much of a visual impact but can increase fps significantly when turned off.

  4. I have an omen laptop with a 1050ti, 12gb of ram and an i7 8750h processor, yet the waiting screen or lobby run with a lot of lag. Windows 10, anybody help? Settings problem maybe? My settings are as low as possible and I can't get this to work out for me.

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