An Old Favourite! – PS4 Apex Legends

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Reddit Post for the Season 2 trailer:

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Run – Ross Bugden:


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33 thoughts on “An Old Favourite! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. Season 2 update I saw in-game during a match today: I was roaming around the tower area near those little houses and river area, and I got a notification that said, “A Nessy Appears.” I freaked out and was wondering if I was gonna get stepped on 😭

  2. Hey Rich, fairly new subscriber here, your grappling with pathfinder is just simply amazing!! I would love to see you make a video with a hand cam along with some Pathfinder gameplay!! I know there are alot of grappling tutorials here on YouTube, and yes they have helped improve my grappling game quite a bit. But none of them actually have a hand Cam that actually shows you what to do. Watching you perform with Pathfinder i find myself asking how does he do it ? I think a video with a hand cam along with the gameplay would help alot of others like me get a better understanding of how to do those amazing grapples!! What do you say?

  3. Yo Rich we all know that you have stopped playing Fortnite, but just make a video were you play season 9 and react to it because you litterally have played ever season if you dont want to play solos because you havent played for a while then play some games with Ali A

    Guys like this so Rich can see this

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