Apex Legends is still in its beginning stages and is facing its first wave of hackers. A lot like Fortnite when it first came out I was unfortunately put into a game with several cheaters and I had said that the game will not thrive if cheaters can get through that easily/frequently.





  1. all you have to do to cheat on console is what all the top players are doing…………top ps4 player has over 50 000 kills and only 47 matches……….it shows this way cause after 47 matches he looped his console to pc.While looped you are playing on ps4 servers with your pc and keyboard and mouse and what ever data mods you can use ,,,,or even a usb script code .All in all i feel this new ranking system will hopefully get rid of this……………………….but truth be told … gotta cheat to be the best at apex………….and thats an issue

  2. Lol, the anti cheat his shit, let us cheat, Thanks!!
    Btw almost every cheater does not get hwid banned, so they just go on other accounts. So what the point to report a player who will come back in 5mins??

  3. they've made it so fucking easy to cheat in apex nowadays. Literally just pay a dude 5 bucks and open an exe, put a key in and boom. Cheats. like what?

  4. Being in Asia server is so fun since we are all cheating 😂 Flying Gibraltar, Wall hacks, and aimbots. It's like the server of cheaters hahaha

  5. They need to make their game punish cheater like make it less effective instead of relying on that stupid Easy anticheat software. Aimbot does have its downside. Maybe make the environment attract aimbot to shoot everywhere.

  6. i have been on the same team as a cheater, they show zero fear of been killed and kill entire squads regularly, you end up following them trying to catch up as they tend to speed through the different areas.

  7. Ok so having 100 kills at level 9 does not automatically mean they are hacking. Apex matches new players against new players so by smurfing, it is very easy to rack up kills. I did this once and hit 100 kills by level 11. I was called a hacker alot and although my aiming is good, it would take about 5 seconds of watching me in a fight to know I'm not a hacker.

  8. uninstalled…nice game but full of idiots…free to play sucks anyway…i like to pay for a good produkt…this is not a good product and so it is free to play…so simple is that

  9. As a Chinese international student studying in America, I played around 140hrs in America and ran into only 1 cheater. The first game I played in china, there was a guy selling cheating program, the second game i got killed by a hacker. I’m ashamed.

  10. I used to enjoy this game… now im hating it more than ever! Literally encounter more than 5-6 hackers at least , within 4 hours… decided not to play until another update shows up

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